Red Letter Christianity

Weird name for a blog. Perhaps.  

Red letters indicate the words of Christ in some bibles.  However, when you compare multiple red letter versions, it becomes clear that the red letters are put there by the interpreters of the Bible. It is clear from this and from reading the Scriptures in their original languages that it is a bit ambiguous as to where the direct quotes from Jesus start and finish.  

Red has also been the traditional colour for correction.  Do you remember in school getting your work back from the teacher with red writing on it?  Ticks, crosses, corrections and comments from the teacherwere in red.

On old typewriters, the ribbon often had a black and a red section.  I used to use an old typewriter, and I have one that is almost 100 years old, but I never once used the red section of the ribbon.  Apparently it was used for accounting (black for positive, red for negative) or for manuscript correction -like the teacher’s red pen.

Red draws your attention.  Red lights mean stop, red text is important, red indicates a warning or danger.

Finally, a red (or scarlet) letter was a mark against someone – a reminder of past failings.  

All of these things add up to Red Letter Christianity.  What I hope to achieve is to draw attention to some things that we overlook, to give some warnings of dangers for us and for our churches, and hopefully to comment (and maybe even correct) some errors that have crept into our practices and thoughts.  And I have no doubt that in the midst of that, I will receive my own scarlet letters, but that’s okay.

So this is a blog about life, church, Christianity and spirituality.  It is a blog about you because none of us lives away from God.